Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today 22102009 my last day at KUMON's tuition.I have made my decesion to stop learning at there.For me its not a simple decesion.I have thought that i want to concentrate at my SPM for next year.Maybe hujung tahun nie i have to start my tuition for SPM.I have been there for two years and my english is improve.
Tuisyen yang disediakan dekat KUMON hanyalah mathematis and english.The learning methods at there are really different.Maths and english programmes develop the skills and self-confidence that will give us the best chance of succeeding in life.First time i at there my level are low and same with the child 10 years old.After that my level increase and its really difficult to get another levels.Yeahh..i'll miss that tuition and all the teachers.Thank you to all teachers, principle of KUMON Pn Salina,teacher hanna,teacher Zaheer and so on.I wish that i'll be there for teacher not for student anymore.Tuisyen nie francais dari Uk,Korean.Sesiapa nak hantar anak nye belajar di sini,hantarlah.Tuisyen nie sangat bagus.haha.promote gitu


Anonymous said...

neyh kali kedue qila denga psal kumon neyh. kat mane tempat neyh ?

ceritaku MEMORIKU said...

fatin aqilah zulkefli

hehe.kat gombak de tuisyen nie.
tapi ramai yg xnmpk.heheh

SIR ZUL said...

nk msuk tuisyen ni lah..
tapi bkn bljr, mngajar..haha

ceritaku MEMORIKU said...