Monday, September 7, 2009

i am also a woman

i am also a woman.
have a heart
have feeling
have tear
have a jealousy attitude

i am also a woman
that really loves you
loves you more than anything
you are the people that
make me feels what is loves

i am also a woman
can i accept that you have another woman
can i be a strong woman after this
Its like i'm acting to be more strong
i will sacrifice my love for your happiness.

*just write this because of the story 'aku juga wanita'
that story make me think about woman's feeling when they have to share their husband with another woman.I respect she so much because of willing to share their love.But it just a story that acting in television. song by nash-pada syurga di wajahmu.

afafnadzirahaziz meluahkan apa yang dia rasa.


oRkId eDyLiYnE said...

simple but intersting...
best ke cerita tu???
tajuk macam best je...

ceritaku MEMORIKU said...

oRkId eDyLiYnE

citer uh best.walaupun sekejap
ahaaa.tgk ah