Thursday, September 10, 2009

retro problem

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Ermmm today want talk about retro and problem.I dont know what is the relationship between both of it.But for me i just want talk about this.For sure yeah today totally think about retro and problem that come visit in my mind.

Retro.Yeah totally right.I'm addict the retro fashion.For sure although its very old but for me its totally simple and nice.Retro fashion is a clothing style which consists in wearing clothes commonly used in the past.Because of this i'm get a bag from my umi.She said this beg is very retro and it's price of coz begitu mahal.So i accepted.HAHA

Back to the title.Problem?Yeah i felt today is my bay day.arghhh for me just simple because selalu je masalah yang sama.When i can free from the problem.Totally such a dumbo!Yeah i hate it so much. But if i run from this it more closely to me.So for me i told all this and share it with my lovely friends, Zatie.For me.I'm always happy,smile,crazy with her.Everyday we both will gelak -gelak macam orang tak ingat dunia.HAHA

*thank you zatie.Wany nanti aku cerita.HEHE

afafnadzirahaziz meluahkan apa yang dia rasa.


keSENGALan teserlah.. said...
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keSENGALan teserlah.. said...

wah2..terharu aku..
no hal la faf..
dats what friends for right..
rely each other..
am with u no matter what..
i'll always be ur cry shoulder..

*peeerghh..ayt kuh..gilax munge2..haha..

p/s : wany..nnty2 kite cite2 ..haha..dun worry..ktrg xterminate ko punye..

SIR ZUL said...

walaupun x brapa nk phm..huhu
tapi kwnlah yg plg rapat ngan kita..

slmat berpuasa
selamat hari raya!

menekan keyboard said...

oo. oke.
i'm sooo jelous..

Nadz Anderson said...

don't run away from problems. Its will become a lot of problems one day.

pehh,zaty tu dah macam kembar baby dah.haha

ceritaku MEMORIKU said...

keSENGALan teserlah..

HAHA.thank you zatie.ahakzz
tao pon ayat ko gilaxx munge-munge.muehehe
tol2 nanti kite bercerita same2 tao wany

ceritaku MEMORIKU said...


HAHA tak phm?hehe wat2 pham jer
tol2 kawan lah paling rapat dgn kite


ceritaku MEMORIKU said...

menekan keyboard

HEHE.nanti aku cerita kat ko lak.
ko xonline semalam

ceritaku MEMORIKU said...

Nadz Anderson

yeahyeah jgn lari dari masalah
nanti makin banyak je masalah
zatie pon my twinzz gak.ahakzz

menekan keyboard said...

aku gurau ja.

ceritaku MEMORIKU said...

menekan keyboard

sempat2 gurau.HAHA