Friday, January 16, 2009

Do you L.O.V.E ? my heart is missing

Do you love me?
Did i love you?
Do you know?
You get my heart.
You broke my heart.

Do you love me?
You make me feel a love.
Thank because you make me fall in love.
You know what.
My heart always for you at yesterday.
Can i get my heart back?
My heart is missing after yesterday.
I can't live without my heart.

Do you love me?
If you love me,can i get my heart back?
I miss my heart.
Will am get back my heart?

Do you love me?
I always shaking n vibrate if am with you.
It is a love?
Why you always make me happy n sad?
It is because you love me?
Ohh it is wrong right?

Can i have a happy memory after yesterday?
I always pray my heart to be unbroken after i get back from you.

created by afafnadzirahaziz

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SIR ZUL said...

u hve been tag